What To Read To Your Baby At Each Development Stage


Studies have shown that almost all youngsters are going to be ready to scan between preschool and second grade if square measure they’re coached by people area unit is about to them as a parent or teacher. However, they have to travel through many stages before they become adept at reading and comprehending the word.

You must monitor your child’s progress through the varied stages to make sure that he or she is heading in the right direction. A pre-schooler remains at the pre-reading stage; however, he ought to be ready to repeat materials that area unit scan to him repeatedly (particularly if the words rhyme).

Once he moves to preschool, he ought to be ready to distinguish the various sounds that every letter makes. This ability is incredibly vital and should be down before your kid proceeds to succeed level.


Birth – six months

However, the bulk of kids aren’t ready to scan appropriately before the age of 5 as a result of the neural connections that modify them to decipher written letters and mix them to create words that haven’t developed.

The best thanks to school assignment, your kid throughout the child years are through indirect instruction. You ought to show your kid that books area unit vital and fun, and also, the best technique of accomplishing this can be by reading to him. Reading to babies helps in language development as a result of it immerses them within the rhythms and sounds of speech. You furthermore may get their full attention whereas making associate memorable bonding expertise.

Birth – six months
Introduce your kid to books with large, high-contrast photos and no text. Your baby’s visual modality remains developing and can be unable to differentiate letters.

Remember, though, notwithstanding you begin your kid on mute image books, it’s vital to scan aloud to them to immerse them within the rhythms and sounds of speech. Opt for one thing that you can realize gratifying reading aloud to your baby, whether or not that’s the rhymes of Dr. Seuss or your favorite magazine – something that gets you reading to your kid.

Seven – twelve months
By this point, your baby will comprehend a number of the original everyday words used around him or her. Such words embrace “Mommy,” “Daddy,” “doggie,” or “bottle.”

It is best to scan to your baby from easy board books that contain one or two items of text illustrating an image. Once language a word, you’ll be able to purpose to the corresponding image repeatedly, so your kid associates the sound with the thing.

1 – two Years
At this time, you’ll be able to build the use of books with one or two easy sentences per page. Such papers tend to be concerning animals, and you’ll be able to make the corresponding animal noises, whereas reading.


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